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e identification and description of a missing chi▓ld.China launched the 'Reunion' system in May, 2016 and it has been s

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uccessful in locating over 1,274 missing children, as of May 22, 2017, one year after its launch.AI facial recognition

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More than 20,000 children a▓re reported abducted in China each year. S▓ome experts claim the real figures could be even

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higher since some families are reluctant to reveal crimes committed against them.But much-needed help is on the way▓. T

‘Emergency Respons

he Chinese hi-tech firm, Baidu, has introd▓uced new Artificial Intelligence (AI) facial recognition technology that has p

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layed a pi▓votal role to help missing children reunite with their families.Starting in March 2017, Baidu upgraded a Chi

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nese Website, Baby Come Home▓, which aims to upload a nationwide database o

f photos of missing children.▓The missing children submit their photos, which ▓get scanned and analyzed to compare with photos sent by the parents of missing children. The faci▓al recognition system can narrow down the searc▓h to ab

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, "Reunion▓," tha

out 30 families and then through further communications, families can be reunit▓ed if there is a proper match.Fu Gu, 33,

t uses a mobil

from▓ Chongqing is one success story. ▓He was abducted at 6-years-old and he uploaded his photo on the Website. On April

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1, he met his biological parents after DNA test▓ing confirmed the match.Support syst▓em for familiesThe sad truth about

aging the pu

C▓hina is that abductions have be▓come a widespread social problem and many fea▓r abductions could increase since a nu

mber of criminal gangs getting involved with kidnappings either force families to pay▓ ransom

s or sell children to other families▓.Reportedly, motorcycle gangs are known to roll into pub

lic areas in cities where children are playing. They sweep in, grab them and roll out within

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